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Did you line up in the bombs?  It worked well: fuel prices really went up.  Here are the official prices

Did you line up in the bombs? It worked well: fuel prices really went up. Here are the official prices

Diesel and gasoline actually rose to more than a dime a liter from week to week

The announcement came: Diesel prices rose by more than 10 cents a liter in a week, and gasoline by more than 12 cents.

Filling a 50-liter diesel tank now costs about five euros more than it did a week ago. In a gasoline-powered car, its value is at least six euros.

Let’s turn to official average prices, according to data released this Tuesday by the Directorate General of Energy and Geology.

Compared to Monday last week, the prices of this Monday The price of simple diesel rose 10.4 cents per liter, to the current 1,856 euros. Really these are from Private diesel increased by 12.2 cents per liter at the selling price of 1,904 euros.

In gasoline, more than in diesel, there were two factors of increase in one week: the factor resulting from international prices of refined products and an increase in taxes. Remember that last week, The government downgraded the ISPIt lowered it this month by 0.1 cents per liter for diesel and 4.4 cents per liter for gasoline. The justification given by the Ministry of Finance is the drop in fuel prices.

In light of this increase in the tax burden, the Gasoline 95 rose 1.24 cents per liter from one week to the next, to 1,825 euros, from Special 95 gasoline at 13.8 centsto 1863 euros.

Already Gasoline 98 at 12.2 cents per liter at 2053 euros, and Special gasoline 98 at 13.3 centsto 2086 euros.

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With these increases, the price of diesel reached its highest price since the beginning of September. On the other hand, gasoline is the most expensive since the beginning of August.

All prices are again higher than they were on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which took place on February 24 of this year.

Diesel is the fuel that has increased the most since the beginning of the war. The final sale price is not only higher because the government lowered the tax weight in May, in a residual measure — and will remain in 2023, according to a state budget proposal submitted on Monday.