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Didier Barbellivian: He's sorry for this former president

Didier Barbellivian: He’s sorry for this former president

It’s on Rebecca Fitzgerald’s microphone on the show A vision of a world, In the LCP Public Senate, songwriter Didier Barbellivian returned to his relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy this Friday, June 24. At times, he regretted the time his friend was president.

This Friday, June 24th, Didier was the guest of Barbellivian Rebecca FitzgeraldOn the show A view of a world, In the LCP General Senate. Occasionally, the French singer-songwriter became known for his success To all the women we loved beforePublished in 1990, but for writing for Johnny Holiday, Dalita, Michael Sardo, or Celine Dion, he relied on his close relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy: “We are with the former President A family relationship It has been going on for 40 years now“Before mentioning His regret that he is no longer president.

This is the pragmatism of Nicolas Sarkozy In his opinion, he is missing in France today, which inspires the confidence of his longtime friend: “In 2008 Nicolas Sarkozy made me laugh by telling me how Putin threatens to camp at French embassy if he does not leave Georgia. This certainly did not prevent the Russian leader from re-employing his army after 24 hours He bent it, he had guarantees, it wasn’t bad“.

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He’s just as unfiltered as I am

Friends with the former President of the Republic for nearly forty years, Didier Barbellivian considers him his brother : “Nicholas, this is a normal story. I really like his spontaneity, truth, mistakes, mistakes, qualities. He’s just as unfiltered as I am“She is OK In the package A view of a world. It’s an unchanging friendship, with a humorous look to it. In an interview with Figaro In 2016, Didier Barbellivian described their meeting, after which the two friends never left each other: “Sardo was doing the Palais des Congress. The guard in his wardrobe told me he wanted to see Michael, Newley’s new mayor It shows me two young men who look like students. “As he recalled BFM TV. “I answer him They are myths. Nicholas approaches and introduces himself. Oops! I invited him to the party to make up for it. He left at 5am and we did not leave each other“.

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