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Die by Blade coming to PC and consoles

Die by Blade coming to PC and consoles

Publisher Kwalee recently revealed that Die by the Blade, developed by Grindstone Studios and Triple Hill Interactive, is on its way to PC and consoles.

Come and learn more details about this amazing fighting and fighting game.

As mentioned at the beginning, Die by the Blade is a sword fighting game, developed in partnership by Grindstone Studios and Triple Hill Interactive.

Die by the Blade turns the player into a real swordsman, while participating in frenetic 1v1 battles that offer a one-hit killing dynamic, that is, a few single hits kill the opponent instantly.

In creating Die by the Blade, the team at Triple Hill Interactive drew strong inspiration from legendary games like Bushido Blade, Way of the Samurai, and Dark Souls.

Set in an alternate oriental world, the player wears the robes of a samurai who will master the use of a particular traditional Japanese weapon. The player chooses the favorite weapon of his character, which means that he receives a set of additional attributes that include specific attacks and defenses, as well as the ability to launch amazing and deadly attacks with one hit.

The game features a single player campaign that offers its own narrative and links the different battles together. However, for those who prefer, you can always engage in online (or local) clashes with friends. There will also be ranked matches for the more competitive and those looking for additional challenges.

In Die by the Blade, there are no health or energy bars, so players can't let their guard down. A good defense is just as important as an attack and with the one-hit system, there is no room for error.

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To survive these battles, players will have to learn the art of defending against enemy attacks, master the different combinations of the chosen weapon and adjust their reactions. Victory in combat can happen in a matter of seconds.

Die by the Blade is a brutal fighting game with bloodthirsty sequels. Players may encounter severe confrontations in which dismemberment may occur.

A final note to our character's great customization ability (and her fighting style) which according to Triple Hill Interactive will allow players to create the best and most intimate samurai all in one.

Die by the Blade will be released on November 3 for PC, Playstation 5, Series X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. There are even plans to release the Nintendo Switch in 2023.