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Died of Corona virus in the United States

Died of Corona virus in the United States

An American couple with four children died on the same day after being diagnosed with COVID-19 Sky News.

Alvaro, 44, and Silvia Fernandez, 42, died of Loma Linda in Southern California, USA, a few hours away on December 19, according to their family.

It is said that Alvaro was hesitant about the corona vaccine and should not have received the first dose before he started showing symptoms. It is also said that his wife, Sylvia, has not been vaccinated.

– eye opener

He wanted to wait and learn more about the virus, so he googled for information. Alma Hernandez, Alvaro’s sister, says he didn’t want to believe everything on the news Sky News.

– That’s kind of eye-opening for everyone in my family. Anyone who has not been vaccinated should definitely get their vaccine.

She adds that her brother has underlying illnesses, including diabetes.

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The couple already became lovers by the age of 15, and were married for 25 years before their death.

The channel reported that they left behind four children, including 17-year-old twins.

– They were very close, and one could not live without the other, says Sister Alma of the death of Alvaro and Silvia.

The Fernandez family has now established one GoFundMe side, to raise money for the children of the spouses.

Close to a million dead

according to New York times California has recorded 5.56 million cases and nearly 76,000 deaths.

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The American newspaper reported that 55.1 million cases of infection were recorded in the country, and that 824,000 people died due to the virus.