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Fuel is getting more expensive this week.  Gasoline rises more

Diesel price fell again below €2, 21 days later. See official prices here

Fuel prices fell this week, like multinews I had already advanced, at a time when a simple diesel was again less than 2 euros per liter, which was the case for 21 days.

According to official data from Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG)On Monday, it posted on its page the average price of simple 95 gasoline amounted to 2,084 euros per liter, a slight decrease of 1.6 cents compared to 2,100 euros per liter on Friday.

Special 95 gasoline also fell to 2,099 euros a liter on Monday, compared to 2,121 euros a liter previously on Friday, a drop of more than two years.

In the same vein, the price of simple diesel fell by about six cents, to 1993 euros per liter on Monday, compared to 2,060 euros per liter at the end of last week.

The same trend was observed in private diesel fuel, whose value fell from 2,091 euros per liter on Friday to 2016 euros per liter on Monday, a decrease of 7.5 cents.

This is the first time that the price of a simple diesel has fallen below 2 euros per liter since June 12, 21 days ago.

The latest fuel bulletin issued by the European Commission indicates that Portugal has the 10th most expensive gasoline 95 out of the 27 countries in the European Union. Diesel takes 12th place in the European ranking.

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