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Dietician Ira Rodriguez appears in the hospital: “Let’s go remove part of the intestine”

That was at the end of March Ayara Rodrigues He shared with his followers that he is suffering “An inflammatory disease of more than 20 years ago”. On Thursday, May 25, the dietician was shown lying in a hospital bed to undergo surgery to remove part of her intestines.

“The feeling I get is that my senior year has been a real rollercoaster. I faced countless challenges and in each of them I tried to do my best…”However, he began to vent about the post published in his book Instagram page.

Today I face a new challenge. Which I admit scares me and makes me anxious. But I did not hesitate in this decision. So here I am, ready for whatever comes next. Let’s go remove the part of the intestine that won’t leave me alone.”He said.

“After that, recovery follows the certainty that only good things can come from it.”finished, show positive.

The comment box was full of messages of strength and wishes that everything goes well.

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