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Different scenes in Barcelona.  Fans were found guilty of Messi's departure.  "Really?"  Foot ball

Different scenes in Barcelona. Fans were found guilty of Messi’s departure. “Really?” Foot ball

FC Barcelona have split with Leo Messi, the club announced in an official announcement on Thursday. Without the biggest star, the team played in a match against Juventus on Sunday. His role is a trophy – the Camper Cup. Barcelona probably followed the goals of Memphis De Gea, Martin Bright White and Ricky Buick, but the result fell due to the behavior of the fans.

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“Messi’s free exit is a big blow to Barcelona”

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The efficient behavior of the Barcelona fans. “Blame the high-earning players for forcing Messi to leave.”

The match was held in the presence of three thousand fans at the Estadi Johan Group, which did not accommodate much of the few players they fought for. They include Miralem Pajanik, Clement Lenglet and Samuel Umditi. The latter got more. Every time he was on the ball, he got a solid burst of whistles. They each make a lot of money in Barcelona. We read on Twitter, owned by sports journalist Sam Street, that “he blames high-paid players for forcing Messi to leave.”

Controversial goal in a friendly against Alex Moreno (Real Betis) and AS Roma.  Source: TwitterMourinho could not bear it and flew to the stand. A different match for Roma

The French defender did not like the behavior of the fans, enraged, he decided to go straight to the dressing room after the match, did not wait to collect the trophy and celebrate on the pitch with the other team – the TV channel “La Sexta”.