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Difficult!  Cristina Ferreira was “rejected” by Manuel Marquez – Nacional

Difficult! Cristina Ferreira was “rejected” by Manuel Marquez – Nacional

Manuel Marquez will not appear in the next version of “Dança com as Estrelas”It is a TVI show directed by Cristina Ferreira and Bruno Caprerizo and is scheduled to premiere in January 2024. The 48-year-old actor He confirmed that an invitation had been sent to himBut the intensity of work that adding this program to his agenda would entail led him to decline it.

“Due to the fact that I have other projects, I had to reject this proposal.”“For me the work was a bit tiring, because I have Hermann on Monday morning. That’s at night, on Sunday…” he began to TeleNovelas.

“Last year, there was a phase where I was doing several things at the same time It is better to do everything well than to do several things poorly“, explained the star of TVI’s Festa é Festa, before revealing: “Yes, I will go, I will not be a competitor, but I will pay a visit.”

However, the person who could be among the participants is Marta Gil. The actress admitted, in the same post, that she would like to be one of the contestants: “For dancing, I always make time. If they ask me to go dancing… that means I am the first to want it.” “Go dance. It’s clearer than that, I can’t do that.”

Bruna Gomez, Ana Guiomar, Pedro Souza and Miguel Cristofinho are other names that have been considered for the return of “Dança com as Estrelas”, as already reported by TV Mais.