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Diogo Dalot: “The results do not reflect what we were like as a team.”

Diogo Dalot: “The results do not reflect what we were like as a team.”

The Red Devils return to action on October 7 against Brentford

Diogo Dalotplayer Manchester Unitedeating the bad phase of Red Devils And the good level on the individual level in an interview with Eleven Sports.

“Collectively, I think we could have started better. We achieved some results that were not positive, and I realize that looking at the results coldly does not make it possible to understand what we were doing as a team, which I think was the case. Progressive action. Obviously it’s not the same when you lose and when you win, but I think over time we’ll start to get rewarded for the work we do, and I think we’ve left a good image in these last few games. “A team that is hard to hit, able to control the game.” “He has the ability to score many goals and create chances,” the player began by saying Manchester UnitedWhich ranks tenth in Premier League.

“On an individual level, it’s about continuing to be the same player, working every day to try to be available and always trying to improve, because there is always margin and room for improvement. And of course I want to try to play as much as possible.” He added: “I have the physical ability that allows me to give a lot to the team.” “This is what I look for in every match, to help in any way I can, whether in the club or the national team.”

About Portuguese influence Bruno Fernandes in the team, Dalot He highlights the importance of a team leader on and off the pitch: “I think the ability and influence that Bruno has in a team like ours is noticeable, not only because of his footballing qualities, which are unanimous, but also because of what he offers.” For the team off the field, the leadership he has, the energy he brings. Having players like this is always an advantage for us, and a positive experience for every player who has the ability to play with them. “It is the third year I have spent with him, and I share the dressing room with him, and every season we grow, and I think that with his help it has become easier for us to be in the best conditions on the field.”

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Manchester United will return to the field on October 7 against Brentford, after defeat by Galatasaray in the Champions League.