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Diogo failed his "Hell's Kitchen" test due to a hangover.  "I drank two bottles of wine, or three" - TV

Diogo failed his “Hell’s Kitchen” test due to a hangover. “I drank two bottles of wine, or three” – TV

This Sunday, April 18th, issue ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ It started with another challenge for aspiring chefs. This time, the first SIC format test consisted of testing the candidates’ taste and, in general, did not go well for either team. But Diogo, from the blue team, ended up being the hardest hit by a hangover.

The vegetables were the main champions, and one candidate from each team had to put themselves to the test, trying to guess what kind of food was a requirement for a blindfold. Jennifer represented the red team and only had two components out of ten. Lucas, chosen by the blue team, scored five goals.

Then they had to guess again what the food was, but this time its puree. The 31-year-old competitor hit four components out of six. Diogo, the new representative of the blue team chosen by Lucas, did not hit any of the mashed potatoes they were given to taste.

“There’s no point in continuing, you missed the test,” said Chef Ljubomir Stanisic after Diogo was unable to identify many ingredients. “It’s pureed cream, it’s dried fruit,” said one competitor, pointing to the chestnut puree.

All because the group the night before took the opportunity to celebrate. But Diogo didn’t look at how much alcohol he drank, so he had a hangover. “I drank two or three bottles of wine. I don’t want to pass up this opportunity because of stupidity,” he said.

Balancing taste, Lubomer warned aspiring chefs that they must be good connoisseurs of taste and aroma. He concluded that “a cook who does not develop a palate is not a skillful one.”

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