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Diogo Farrow says journalist Nuno Luz wanted to beat him up in Budapest

Diogo Farrow says journalist Nuno Luz wanted to beat him up in Budapest

According to the comedian, the SIC professional insulted him, pushed him, and used his teenage son to surround him at the Hungarian airport.

It is the most unusual story in Budapest, the city where the national team laid the cornerstone during the European Football Championship. In a video posted to Instagram on Thursday, June 17, comedian Diogo Farrow accused journalist Nuno Luz of violently approaching him upon his arrival in the Hungarian capital, where they both shared a plane.

Luz, a reporter for the sporting event, is said to have insulted Diogo Farrow, who was also surrounded by the journalist’s teenage son who pushed him while being named. All this before leaving the airport.

The comedian who traveled with friends to watch the Portugal match realized that the journalist was on the same plane. “when [os meus amigos] They saw him, and there was someone who commented that “he must want to interview you,” the comedian remembers the comment that everyone took as a joke.

But before leaving the restricted area, Farrow saw the journalist talking to him, “They are all angry.” ‘She joins me in my face and begins: ‘Now, you damned sucker, you son of a bitch, are you going to say something to my face?’ Tell me what you’re saying now,” he says.

After a batch, Nuno Luz will return to charge. “Do you think you can say anything you want on the internet, you damn clown?” Farrow remembers not believing everyone around him.

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“His 17-year-old son was yelling at me too. ‘You son of a bitch’ while you were pushing my shoulder. Nuno Luz takes off his mask and keeps screaming,” he recalls. “How disgusting it is, that he wears the mask, not just for Covid-19 but also for the necessity of seeing that,” Farrow notes.

The comedian explains that he preferred to try to stay calm. He admires nonviolence, and maintains that it is not in his nature to “resolve things with a fuss”, no matter how “burning” the situation may be.

He wonders what could have caused the situation. “I’m actually going to make jokes about Nuno Luz as all comedians in Portugal, more or less than half the country have done. Are these kinds of things justified? I really doubt it, I don’t think so.”

As he heads toward the director, he continues to be chased and humiliated by the journalist and his son, who keep pushing him. The confusion, according to the comedian, caused more reactions from other passengers on the flight.

Some people felt it was legitimate to insult me. Another man came shouting: “You son of a bitch, you filth, you mock all the Portuguese.” Then another came,” he recalls. “I guess most people didn’t know me or didn’t hate me, but there was a small percentage who felt legitimate to engage in violence with me because they didn’t like my work. Escalating things doesn’t seem natural to me.”

Farrow highlights other important details: Above all, it does not seem natural that a journalist from SIC, who has his credentials around his neck, would take this kind of approach.

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Tensions eventually subside and the comedian will talk to other passengers who will motivate him to make a complaint – and who, he says, have made themselves available to testify.

Regarding the revelation, Farrow explained that he “could not tell us the incident” which he believed was “totally unacceptable”. “Not only is it unacceptable for an SIC journalist to have that attitude, but it’s encouraging more people to take a violent attitude toward the comedian just because they don’t like him, to be a comedian, or a journalist, or whatever.”

Returning to Portugal, he adds that he will report to a number of friends, including journalists, about the scene, and that, according to Farrow, they will confirm that “this is not the first time he has threatened and tried to hit people who said ‘something about him’.”

He leaves a note: “If he’s going to hit everyone who actually jokes about him, he’ll hit half the country, right?”.

NiT has attempted to contact Nuno Luz to gather his version of events, but the reporter has not reciprocated this call yet.