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Diogo Morgado leaves Rui de Carvalho’s play in tears.  The actor reacts

Diogo Morgado leaves Rui de Carvalho’s play in tears. The actor reacts

Driogo Morgado went to see the play “Ruy, a História David” and left feeling emotional, as he said in a post he made on Instagram.

“I went to see ‘Ruy’. Yes, he is ours. I left in tears. Not just because of who he is on stage, but because of everything he stands for,” he began by revealing, complimenting the actor in full. .

“In the year that they honor him once again with a professional award, I look at the sacred beast on the stage, and I know that no Minister of Culture, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies or the Republic has deigned to honor him, but simply came” to the stage to see Roy in his art. But they will be the first to say how great and wonderful he was, many years from now when he leaves us,” he lamented.

“It makes me angry because it’s clear the nature of the medium only thinks about culture and artists when it’s appropriate,” he added.

“At 96 years old, Roy stands on stage and at the top of his lungs delivers a cowboy monologue with the strength of a teenager, the same sparkle in his eyes, the same blood in his gills. It is love that exists in its purest state.”

“A show curated with great respect by Paulo Sousa Costa, putting Roy on the pedestal he deserves, and at the same time presenting us with the real Roy, the hero, the con man, the joker, the uncompromising, the altruistic, the passionate Ruy de Carvalho” perhaps in a way we have never seen before. Before, but without a doubt it’s real. It is a show that is given to the artist as much as to the audience. “It’s a celebration.”

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“At his side is the excellent Luis Pacheco who on this show has a driving skill worthy of the legend he has at his side. Dear Paulo Souza Costa, Luis Pacheco and the Yellow Star Company, not as a colleague, but as a citizen of this world I say, thank you. Dear and dear Roy, people like you point out the meaning of life. Big round of applause for you. If you’ve read this far, do yourself a favor and go watch the show,” he added.

After the artist’s words, Rui de Carvalho commented, saying: “Thank you very much, my dear Diogo. A very big hug.”

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