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Diogo Pinto, a starter in goal and the rest of the players on the bench, reveals Amorim ::

Diogo Pinto, a starter in goal and the rest of the players on the bench, reveals Amorim ::

Due to the simultaneous injuries of Antonio Adan and Franco Israel, Sporting will take the field in Estoril with a completely renewed goal. Ruben Amorim has confirmed the ownership of Diogo Pinto, before highlighting potential debuts.

“Adan is still injured and cannot play. Franco underwent surgery and will be out for the rest of the season. Hey [Diogo] Pinto will be a starter,” he said in a press conference.

«Francesco [Silva] It will be in the bank and [Guilherme] Perez as third goalkeeper. We trust everyone. We aim to help the boy who has grown up here and will make his debut for the main team. It's a lot of weight. Obviously context will help, because we were already champions. Everyone knows that he is ready to help us keep a clean sheet.”

Quinda no, Miguel Menino yes

It is still a question of a possible debut for the youngster at already champions Sporting, Amorim revealed Giovanni Quinda He will not have that opportunity, as there is certainty that he will be a champion in the future, but others, like Miguel Menino, will receive the “appearance” award:

“There may be a situation where a child who grows up here will not be a Kwenda. There are other children whose future could lie elsewhere because of their age. We pay more attention to this. “Kids who have helped us a lot in training, who haven’t had the vision of others, and who may not be on our minds for next year,” he said, before revealing the name.

“Hey [Miguel] Menino will be called up, Quinda will not, because he will have time to be a hero with Sporting.

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