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Director appointed by 'Rei dos Frangos' joins SAD at Benfica: AG - Benfica conclusions

Director appointed by ‘Rei dos Frangos’ joins SAD at Benfica: AG – Benfica conclusions

The new governing bodies of the Red Society were approved, with Pires de Andrade replaced by Rui do Passo

The new governing bodies of SAD do Benfica were approved on Monday in the General Assembly, with Antonio Perez de Andrade, director appointed by José Antonio dos Santos, replacing Rui do Basso as the last member. Perez de Andrade, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Assembly of Benfica, was the only shareholder who voted in favor of joining SAD, and the rest voted against him. It is noteworthy that Benfica referred to the names of Lourenço Coelho, Rita Sampaio Nunes and Rui do Passo to manage SAD in light of today’s AG. Initially, at the January 6 meeting, the Reds appointed six board members: Rui Costa (chairman) and Domingos Soares de Oliveira, Luis Mendes, Manuel de Brito, Gabriela Rodriguez Martins and Rosario Pinto Correia (members).


The AG would end up suspended after “Rei dos Frangos” expressed his intent to appoint a director, indicating that he would vote against the proposed composition of the proposed Board of Directors. To meet this requirement, the Eagles added three elements to their proposal, two men and a female. The last on the list will be Rui de Passo but he is replaced by Perez de Andrade, and in this way, the law that decides the formation of departments by a third of women is respected.

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