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Covid-19: le directeur général de la Santé, Jérôme Salomon, va bientôt quitter son poste

Director General of Health Jerome Solomon will step down soon

Director General of Health Jerome Solomon will depart Information on the Paris match Confirmed by the Ministry of Health. So he has to leave his post. ” When appointed to replace him This expert on infectious and tropical diseases and public health was appointed to the post in January 2018 by former Health Minister Agnes Fujin.

One of the faces of the health crisis

The 52-year-old professor held several senior positions before being appointed director of health. He worked first ” Technical consultant, Public health and health care Bernard Kachner in the early 2000s and Dominic Gillette in 1999, members of the Lionel Jospin government. Then, from 2013 to 2015, he was in charge of health care for former Minister Marisol Durain. But before the health crisis hit France, Jerome Solomon was not really known to the general public. During his first imprisonment, in March 2020, He gave daily press conferences To inform the French about the spread of the virus, the number of new cases, the deaths …

Candidates for Jerome Solomon’s victory will be audited soon, and he ” Called for other activities, but fully mobilized in managing its priority health crisis .

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