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Director of Editorial Strategy is leaving Epic Games after 8 years

Director of Editorial Strategy is leaving Epic Games after 8 years

After announcing a 16% workforce reduction, Epic Games suffered a huge loss this week. Sergey Galyonkin, former director of editorial strategy, is leaving the company after nearly 8 years of service.

And in a statement in Social mediaGalyonkin stated that he left his position due to disagreements with the direction the company was taking. He stated that there are “different types” of people and criticized the publisher’s decision to adopt the “5.0” platform concept.

In addition to being the creator of Steam Spy, the former director was also one of the key people responsible for launching the Epic Games Store. His role was also important in popularizing Fortnite, by challenging “the status quo in game distribution with an 88/12 revenue split.”

Source: Epic Games

It is not yet clear whether Galyonkin’s farewell was prompted by the layoffs of more than 800 employees, which the company recently announced. In the future, the developer will remain in the gaming industry, but without worrying “about the PR department.”

Fall Guys will remain a priority for Epic Games

Epic Games has confirmed that Mediatonic layoffs should not affect Fall Guys support. According to the company, the free-to-play battle royale game will continue to be treated as a priority. Click here to learn more.

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