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Disappointing results regarding the epidemic:-

Disappointing results regarding the epidemic:-

Over the past two years, the Corona pandemic has affected the world. Country after country has reported high infection rates, full hospitalizations and dismal death records. Worldwide, a total of 248,770,199 people have been diagnosed with the virus and more than 5,000,000 have lost their lives.

The researchers have now conducted a new, comprehensive study of the extent of the epidemic — and write the results disappointing. Watchman.

28 million lost years

Researchers believe in order to understand the full impact of the coronavirus, it is necessary to analyze deaths – not just count them. Therefore, an international team of experts led by Nasr al-Islam at Oxford University examined the number of deaths and the age of death occurring in a number of countries.

Experts compared life expectancy and life years lost in 2020 to historical trends in the years between 2005 and 2019 in 37 middle- and high-income countries, the paper writes.

The results show that COVID-19 led to the loss of 28 million years of life.

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The researchers do not hide the fact that the numbers would have been higher if the study had included countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which were excluded due to a lack of data.

Yet Islam asserts that the entire research group was shocked by the bleak outcome.

– At some point we had to stop and review everything again. He says nothing in my life has shocked me as much as the pandemic.

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Norway is not on the list

Across all countries included in the study, life expectancy increased for both men and women in the years between 2005 and 2019.

The results of the research showed that in 2020, life expectancy decreased for men and women in all countries except Norway, New Zealand and Taiwan – where there was an increase in life expectancy.

In Denmark, Iceland and South Korea, there was no change in life expectancy.

The highest rates of decline in life expectancy were recorded in Russia, the United States and Bulgaria.

And the number of years of life lost was higher than expected in most countries last year. The exceptions are Taiwan and New Zealand, where there has been a decrease in the number of life years lost. In Norway, Esand, South Korea, and Denmark, researchers found no signs of change.

And in the remaining 31 countries, more than 222 million life years have been lost over the past year. This is 28.1 million more than expected, according to experts.