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Disaster on TVI! CMTV director defends ‘fair dismissal’

TVI announced that it will exchange tours on the 14th of July for the public. An error has occurred and the disadvantages of the SIC are highlighted compared to the day before.

On a day when TVI changed presenters on every show, SIC led with 20.8% of the stake. On the other hand, the Queluz de Baixo محطة station was 16.6%.

The advantage achieved by Balsemão Family TV was even greater than the day before, July 13. On that day, SIC . presented 19.7% of the stake it’s at TVI Arrived 16.7%.

CMTV director defends dismissal for a reason

In this week’s TV Guia magazine, which was published before the results of July 14 were released, the CMTV director defended Separation for a reason From the person who had the idea to change turns to the viewers.

Creating a TV channel creates links with viewers. This is acquired above all by habit: the same things happen every day at the same time. Changing viewers’ turns is the biggest ban ever for a public channel. Whoever had the idea deserves to be fired for a just causeCarlos Rodriguez wrote.

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