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Disc editing has resumed.  The race was stopped for half an hour due to rain

Disc editing has resumed. The race was stopped for half an hour due to rain

The athlete from Associação Desportiva Novas Luzes started with 62.31 meters and continued with 63.93 metres. On the third attempt, the rain made the bombers’ job more difficult, with the race interrupted.

The Portuguese was one of the athletes affected by the torrential rain, slipping and falling when they attempted the third test – the launch did not count, as did the other athletes affected by the rain.

The athletes retired inside the Olympic stadium, but at 20:10 local time (13:10 in Lisbon) they returned to the track. The test has already been resumed.

After three blank editions (the third, fourth and fifth exercises), Liliana Cá slipped to fifth in the table and secured, for the time being, another Olympic diploma for Portugal.

At about 20:55 local time (12:55 in Lisbon) the races stopped, while the men still had to start the 3000m hurdles final, which began on time, at 21:15 (13:15), and The women’s 3000m 5000m final is scheduled for 21:40 (13:40) respectively.

In qualifying, on July 31, Liliana Ka managed to break out to 62.85 metres, earning her eighth place and qualifying for today’s final.

For me, just put a file [disco] Inside and the rest is calmer, the first always makes me more nervous,” he explained to Lusa after qualifying for the final.

The 34-year-old natural shooter from Barreiro, who made her Olympic debut, reached Tokyo with 12th best world mark of the year, with a height of 66.40 metres.

Tokyo2020 was the first edition of the Olympic Games with two Portuguese women in competition for the disc version, a system in which the best Portuguese results were achieved by former national record holder Teresa Machado, with 10th place in Atlanta 1996 and 11th in Sydney 2000.

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Irina Rodriguez finished her third Olympic attendance at 25, after she was 32 at London 2012 and gave up at Rio 2016, due to a fibula fracture, already in Olympic Village.