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Disclosure of the details and values ​​of the agreement between Barcelona and Spotify

Disclosure of the details and values ​​of the agreement between Barcelona and Spotify


Mundo Deportivo newspaper obtained some details of the contract between Barcelona and Spotify, the new big sponsor of the Catalan club.

Barcelona confirmed this week that it has reached an agreement with Spotify, a music streaming service, for the Swedish company to be one of the club’s new sponsors. The brand name will appear on the T-shirts and also the name of the stadium, which will be renamed “Spotify Camp Nou”.

On Thursday, the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo revealed some details about the contract between culé and Spotify. By getting the front sponsorship on the jerseys of the men’s and women’s teams, Spotify will pay €57.5 million per season for four years. Barcelona also receives five million euros, over three seasons, to take care of training equipment. Another five million will fall into the coffers of the Blaugrana due to the name of the stadium for a period of six years.

Mundo Deportivo is also aware of a potential clause of €2.5 million per year that will be activated if the music streaming company is satisfied with the cooperation that has been implemented with the club.

Sponsorship talk is still in the shirts, and it was agreed that Spotify, in the final two years of the agreement, could sell the sponsorship space to other brands, if it saw fit. That is, if the company finds that the sponsorship is not profitable or that it can get more money by “reselling” the space, it can do so from Season 3.

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Returning to the naming of the stadium, and in view of the fact that construction will begin next summer, it has been agreed that at the end of the six years that the Camp Nou will have “Spotify” in the name, there will be an option to extend the agreement for another 15 years, and the annual amount that will be paid by the brand will range business between 15 and 20 million.