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Discounts in "Kåss til kvalder"

Discounts in “Kåss til kvalder”

The popular talk show “Kåss til kvelds” with Else Kåss Furuseth and Markus Neby in the roles of presenter, will have three smaller episodes in the next season.

NRK Entertainment Director Christina Rezk Resar confirms this Messier 24.

– Here many have had to contribute to cutting costs for the next year, and then a shorter season is a way to work, wrote Rezk Resar for Medier24.

Thief: Vegard Harm is a guest on “Kåss til Kvelds” where he tells us when his date stole his mobile phone. Video: NRC
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The cut comes after the state budget was submitted. There, NRK is missing more than NOK 300 million, which in turn means that the state channel has to tighten its budget.

– In general, the state budget is an affirmation of the importance of a strong publicly funded public broadcasting station, and that 2023, with the situation the world is going through now, is an exceptional year, says Director of Broadcasting Vibek Forest Haugen at NRK info pages.

Moreover, the broadcast manager says it was difficult to save more than NOK 300 million.

– All cuts are made with the aim of determining how best to protect our important mission, public use, and NRK’s ​​reputation.

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