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Discover the benefits of sugarcane juice for those who are physically active

Discover the benefits of sugarcane juice for those who are physically active

Sugarcane juice is a drink that contains several nutrients Photo: (RHJPhtotos | Shutterstock)

Cane sugar can be used in natural, in the form of animal feed, or for the food industry. One of these versions corresponds to sugarcane juice. The liquid is a natural and vital food and contains many nutrients in its composition. For example: water, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sulfates, chlorides, cellulose, fiber, sucrose, nitrogenous substances, total nitrogen, aspartic acid, nitric acid, and phenolic compounds.

Benefits of sugarcane juice

The difference between broth as an energy drink, in addition to being natural, is the amount of nutrients it contains. They make sugarcane a protective food, as it improves the efficiency of the immune system and promotes the reduction of oxidative stress caused by exercise. Increases energy reserves Muscles and liver, while reducing muscle deterioration after physical activity. Sugarcane juice also contains potassium, sodium, and chlorides, in addition to water, which helps hydrate the body.

Sugarcane juice is beneficial for people who exercise (Photo: LightField Studios | Shutterstock)

A useful drink for athletes

In addition to being delicious, the drink is an option available to almost everyone, especially those who practice physical activities, who can drink it cold after training. It is also a truly abundant national product in Brazil. This makes the price affordable for everyone.

Sugarcane juice efficiently replenishes muscle glycogen stores, which is very important Athletes Those who do more intense training. Glycogen also promotes greater muscle protection and becomes an excellent alternative to other energy drinks that contain carbohydrates in their composition.

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Who can drink sugarcane juice?

Even in small amounts, sugarcane juice replaces approximately 60% of glycogen, vitamins and minerals. It can and should be taken by any athlete, regardless of the type of sport or sport an exercise which you practice.

The stick can be passed through the machine several times, without any problem. This way, we drink all the juice from the plant and avoid wasting it. Just be aware if you have any dietary restrictions or are diabetic. If so, consult a nutritionist to find out the appropriate amount before introducing the drink to your menu.

Written by Mertz Stancanelli

He is a nutrition expert and holds a Master’s degree in Functional and Molecular Biology from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp).

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