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Discover the future of electric mobility at an “innovative” price – Executive Summary

Discover the future of electric mobility at an “innovative” price – Executive Summary

In recent years, the search for sustainable transport solutions and automotive legislation has intensified around the world. With growing concerns about carbon emissions and the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, companies have sought to develop innovative technologies to enhance electric mobility.

In this context, BYD with Dolphin stands out as a promising choice for consumers in urban areas – and beyond – who are concerned about the environment and yearn for cutting-edge technology.

BYD maintains an impressive value chain based on the massive sale of high-tech vehicles, the possession of lithium mines, battery factories, innovative Blade batteries (which competitors are already buying), and a logistics chain made up of huge ships for the delivery of fast, attractively priced and good quality products.

It is part of “Ocean Aesthetics” – a line inspired by marine animals and oceans – and the name “Dolphin” is no coincidence, as dolphins are known for their intelligence, dexterity and efficiency in navigating the oceans, characteristics that a dolphin wants to possess. Bring it to cities but also to national roads where its range of more than 400 kilometers WLTP (more than 300 kilometers on the open road) allows it.

BYD is using a new generation of electric vehicle platform called e-Platform 3.0, which delivers more efficient performance and range thanks to better weight distribution. The aerodynamic body and sleek appearance provide a futuristic aesthetic, but also increase energy efficiency by increasing battery life.

It also integrates eight major components, including the vehicle control unit, battery management system, power distribution unit, DC-DC controller, on-board charger, traction motor, and transmission. The propulsion system ensures widespread optimization of space utilization and energy efficiency.

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It is a compact, spacious, convenient and comfortable electric model. The quality of materials and construction is good and the atmosphere on board is youthful, modern and aimed at a younger audience. The sports seats are comfortable, comfortable and heated. It has a small but clear enough dashboard where you can see the Sport, Eco, Normal and Snow driving modes that the 204CV engine drives.

Dynamically, it's a practical and predictable car to drive. It has good behavior and very interesting comfort. It loves the city, but is fearless on the open road, neither in self-driving nor in family use. It has everything that pleases you, right down to the final price that starts from 29,950 euros.