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Discover the latest WhatsApp news that you can use right now

Discover the latest WhatsApp news that you can use right now

WhatsApp has been revealing news at a very high rate. This identification service is getting better every week with many features that users are asking for and expecting to be created. Today we bring you top 5 of the latest WhatsApp features that you can explore right away.

In addition to being previously disclosed, WhatsApp has maintained a unique track record when it comes to improvements and news. these Focus on multiple areasfrom the interface on Android, iOS and desktop, to the features of the app and the service itself.

#1 - Edit your WhatsApp messages

The first novelty we brought was one of the most requested products by users. It is able to give WhatsApp something that other messaging services have already offered and thus improve this Meta Service. We're talking, of course, about the ability to edit messages.

To help users, it is now possible to edit messages within 15 minutes after they are posted. Of course, there will be a notification for everyone who receives the messages, so they know your change.

#2 - Make intimate conversations more private

Another improvement is the ability to save private messages and hide them from prying eyes. This newness applies directly to apps, which now have an area where you host these conversations.

To access this area it will be necessary to activate the biometric authentication, something that only the user has access to. Notifications for these conversations will be private and away from the eyes of others who have access to the smartphone.

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#3 - Survey updates and engagement with translation

Polls are a straightforward and quick way to get the opinion of every participant in a conversation. Like many other apps, it now has the ability to create individual voting polls, search polls in conversations, and track poll results.

Also when sending back photos or documents there are changes, now regarding subtitles. They can be edited or reconstructed, to give new context to what has been sent to and received by other users before.

#4 - One WhatsApp account on multiple phones

The ability to have a WhatsApp account on multiple phones has been something that WhatsApp users have been asking for for many years. This was indeed possible, but it indicated that the devices were on the same network and communicating with each other.

Now that has changed each one can be isolated, even giving the ability to disconnect the main machine from the internet. It also opens up a whole new set of possibilities, from sharing accounts by multiple users or simply the possibility of WhatsApp moving between devices in a transparent way.

#5 - Stay in the Conversation: The Messenger's Superpower

If temporary messages are important, the ability to store items within them is equal. With the search for privacy, users increasingly want to control what is recorded in order to protect themselves.

Even in this scenario that often brings overzealousness, there may occasionally be a need to save some messages for posterity. This is where this newness of WhatsApp fits in. With a single click, you can choose which ones will disappear and which ones will be saved in the WhatsApp conversation.

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These five novelties that we have selected for this Top Portion are already available for everyone to explore right away. It is very interesting and allows us to get more out of this identification service that we are used to and which many consider essential.