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Discover Valérie Pécresse's new campaign poster

Discover Valérie Pécresse’s new campaign poster

Alexandre Chow
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7:42 pm, March 09, 2022

Europe 1 was able to consult exclusively on Valérie Pécresse’s new campaign poster. The latter presents the Republican candidate’s new slogan “Dare to do” and will be printed in millions of copies. The candidate chose the slogan himself.


LR candidate Valérie Pécresse has released his new campaign poster exclusively for Europe 1. Neutral expression, black suit jacket and white T-shirt, all on a light background, by law, appear from the front of the candidate. The Republican candidate also presents his new slogan on a black background in white: “Dare to do”. “This is her DNA,” the candidate explained.

A sentence very similar to him

After much deliberation, he, according to his teammates, chose a sentence very similar to hers. “It takes courage, she has it. Whether she is a minister or a regional president, she always proves it. And ‘doing’ is her trademark,” explains Valerie Beckress’s close friend, outlining her conflict with Emmanuel Macron. I only like “please”.

The poster and slogan “La fierté française retrouvée” wins, where Valerie Pécresse appeared in blue white red and was mentioned in Marion. The document will be pasted on the election billboards one month before the first round Presidential election.

On Thursday evening, the Republican nominee is scheduled to take part in a televised debate against Reconquest leader Eric Zemor.

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