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Disney's Independent Community of Florida Will Cancel - NRK Urix - Foreign News & Documentaries

Disney’s Independent Community of Florida Will Cancel – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

With 80,000 employees, Disney World is the largest private employer in Florida. And since 1967, the theme park has had a special status as its own tax district.

This gives the entertainment giant great power to decide for itself an area of ​​more than 120 square kilometers spanning two counties. For example, they do not have to apply for a permit to build new attractions and buildings. The park also has its own rescue service and fire department.

But that may be the end of it now. A majority in the Florida House of Representatives voted Thursday to revoke Disney World’s special status.

All that remains now is for Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to sign the bill, which he is expected to do. According to the plan, it will come into effect from June next year, NTB writes.

“Don’t say gay”

This is just the latest development in the heated political struggle that has erupted in recent weeks between Disney and the Republican politicians leading the country.

Background is another law, which will go into effect on July 1. Among other things, it prohibits discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity for students through fourth grade, and limits them to older students, he writes New York times.

The politicians behind it have dubbed the law “Parental Rights to Education,” and say it is about protecting the rights of children and parents. Opponents call it “Don’t Say Like Me” – and “Don’t Say Gay” – and fear it will lead to LGBT discrimination.

Disney is among those who have criticized the law. This came only after great pressure from employees, and conflict within the company.

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At first, Bob Chuck, the president of Disney, did not want the company to get involved in the case publicly. But Disney has been criticized, among other things, for having previously donated money to the Florida Republican Party. A number of workers went on strike to protest the company’s position.

Disney employees are protesting the “Don’t Say Like Me” law.

Photo: Ringo Qiu/Reuters

And so Shabik turned around, and said the following at a meeting with shareholders in early March, Insider Reports:

I called Governor DeSantis to express our disappointment, and our concern that if this proposal were allowed, it could be used against LGBT children and families.

Disney accuses it of ‘wake up’

After DeSantis signed the law into law on March 28, Disney said in a statement that its goal as a company is to strike down the law or stop it in court.

Republican politicians have cracked down on Disney. “Disney picked the wrong guy to argue with,” DeSantis wrote Wednesday in an email to his supporters asking for donations. It’s reports New York times.

“I don’t want to let a California ‘wake up’ company run our state. Disney has gotten away with private arrangements from Florida for too long,” he continued.

File: Republican-backed Florida supporters "Don't say like me" Bill assembles outside Walt Disney World

Protesters show their support for Governor DeSantis.

Photo: Octavio Jones/Reuters

Disney has not commented on the decision to revoke the theme park’s special status. miscellaneous writes That the law may be tried in court.

Orange County and Osceola County are the two counties in which the park is located. Scott Randolph, Orange County Tax Collector, Tweeted this change It will cost the province $163 million annually for various services and debt repayment.