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European Bank fuels BCP rally.  Stocks gain 35% in two weeks - Stock Exchange

Dividend takes BCP to pre-war levels. Energy weight in Lisbon – Markets

The Lisbon Stock Exchange closed higher, following the positive trend witnessed by stock exchanges around the world thanks to the possibility of the withdrawal of Russian forces near Kyiv. The national PSI index rose 0.29%. 5,921.84 Dots, with seven quoted in green, six in red, and two unchanged.

Gains were led by BCP Bank, which, in addition to capitalizing on gains from European banks, also reacted strongly to the announcement of the return of dividends, after a two-year hiatus. The bank led by Miguel Maya will Distribution of dividends to shareholders of 0.09 cents per sharetotaling 13.6 million euros.

After the announcement, it rose 5.5% to 0.1729 The euro, the highest value since February 23, that is, before the invasion. Besides BCP, Corticeira Amorim (1.51%), Sonae (1.1%) and Jerónimo Martins (1.47%) closed retailers or Semapa (0.67%) and Navigator (0.53%)% higher.

CTT gained 0.66% to €4.58 after The postal company has announced that it will do so Resuming the tradition of showing investors The company’s plans for the coming years. At an event scheduled for June 22-23, the company led by João Bento will assess its transformation process and define strategic goals for the next three years.

In the opposite direction, power hampered larger gains. Galp Energia shares fell 2.08% to 11.06 euros per share, reflecting the negative performance of oil. EDP ​​Renováveis ​​is down 1.5%, EDP 0.64%, REN 0.36%, and Greenvolt 0.57%.

In fact, it was the energy exposure that made Lisbon the weakest performer in Europe. Stock exchanges are responding forcefully to progress in negotiations between the Kremlin and Kiev, after the Ukrainian diplomatic team announced that the ground has already been prepared for Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky to meet to discuss a ceasefire.

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Markets were still full of hope after the Kremlin revealed it would scale back military activity near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and also in Chernihiv, committed to de-escalating the conflict.