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Dividend.  Which PSI-listed companies will pay the most to shareholders in 2024?

Dividend. Which PSI-listed companies will pay the most to shareholders in 2024?

Which companies listed in the main index of the Lisbon Stock Exchange will pay their shareholders more per share this year? Find out which ones here.

Which companies listed in the main index of the Lisbon Stock Exchange will pay the most to their shareholders? Considering the fiscal year in question (2023), PSI companies reached a record level of profits: +6% to 5,640 million euros. Profits will also reach a record level: 2,830 million euros, with a growth of less than 1%.

Jeronimo Martins leads the payout per share: 65.5 cents, followed by Semapa (62.4 cents) and Galp (54 cents), according to analysis by Maxyield – Clube dos Pequenos Acionistas.

In terms of variation compared to 2022, the Central Bank recorded the highest growth rate in profits (1735%) to 1.6993 cents. followed by CTT (36%,
to 17 cents) and Mota-Bible (28% to 12.77 cents).

Ibersol recorded the largest decline: -81% to 13.5 cents, followed by Semapa (-34% to 62.4 cents) and Navigator (-25% to 21 cents).

EDP ​​was the company that distributed the largest number of dividends in absolute terms with respect to the 2023 financial year: 816 million euros. He is followed by Jeronimo Martinez with 412 million, then bringing in 386 million euros.

The highest growth rate in absolute value was recorded by the Banque Centrale Populaire (1735%), which paid 257 million euros. This is followed by CTT, which rose 33% to 24m, and Mota-Engil, which paid an additional 28% to 39m.

In terms of total value delivered, the companies with the largest percentage decline were Ibersol (-82%, to 5.7 million), Semapa (-33%, to 51 million) and Navigator (-25%, to 150 million).

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“The stability of shareholder remuneration is partly due to the stability of the value of dividends per share, exercised by important listed companies, namely EDP, Galp, REN and Sonae,” says the Maxyield report.

The Banque Centrale Populaire “significantly increased profits, which helped ‘offset’ the reductions in profits that occurred at many companies.”

Among the companies included in the PSI index, Greenvolt is the only one that does not pay a dividend “given the life cycle it finds itself in and the financial requirements for expansion”.

analysis He will spendAltri and NOS exercise a payout of 100%, while EDP, EDP Renováveis, Jerónimo Martins, REN and Navigator exercise payouts greater than 50% and less than 100%. The remaining companies practice A He will spend Less than 50%.

Highlight companies with Profit return Greater than 5%: Altri, BCP, CTT, Mota-Engil, NOS, Navigator, Mota-Engil, REN, Sonae.

On the one hand Earning returnThere are eight companies recording more than 10%: BCP, CTT, Galp, Navigator, Semapa, NOS, Mota-Engil and Sonae.

Maxyield highlights that there are seven companies with ROE greater than 15%: BCP, CTT, Galp, Navigator, Semapa, Jerónimo Martins and NOS.

1- Jeronimo Martinez leads the rankings: 65.5 cents (+19%). In terms of total value, the retailer controlled by the Soares dos Santos family will distribute a total of €412 million (+19%).

2 – Simaba followed with 62.4 cents (-34%), distributing a total of 50.9 million euros.

3- In third place comes the Ghalib Oil Company with 54 cents, with a total of 386 million euros (-33%).

4- “Etisalat No.” comes in fourth place with 35 cents (-18.6% compared to the same period last year), and distributed 180 million (-18.6% compared to 2022).

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5 – Corticeira Amorim will reward shareholders with 29 cents (0%), for a total of 257 million (0%).

6 – Altri expects to pay 25 cents (-0.8%), for a total of 51.3 million.

7 – Navigator will pay 21 cents, 25% less than the previous year, for a total of 150 million euros (-25%).

8 – EDP Renováveis ​​will pay shareholders 20.5 cents (-22.6%), for a total of €210 million (-23.6%).

9 – EDP Group expects to pay 19.5 cents per share, a growth of 2.6% compared to 2022, for a total of 816 million euros distributed (+8.3%).

10 – followed by CTT at 17 cents per share (+36%), for a total of 24 million (+33%).

11 – REN will pay 15.4 cents per share to its shareholders, in line with what was paid last year, for a total of 102.7 million euros.

12 – Ebersol proposes to distribute 13.5 cents (-80.7%), for a total of 5.7 million (-82.3%).

13- Mota Angel will pay 12.77 cents (+27.7%), for a total of 39.2 million (+27.7%).

14 – Sonai expects to pay 5.64 cents (+5%), with a total distribution of 112.8 million (+5%).

15 – The Central Bank expects to pay 1.69 cents (+1735%), for a total of 257 million (+1735%).

16 – Greenvolt does not pay dividends.