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DJ Ivis repeatedly hits his ex-wife Pamela

DJ Ivis repeatedly hits his ex-wife Pamela

The conviction is widespread, the musician has been boycotted by radio and Spotify, and the case has already been brought to justice. There are videos that prove the hateful aggression. Pamela Holland was attacked often in the presence of her infant daughter. She was even assaulted when she was pregnant.

Punches, shots, kicks, kicks, hairpins and pushes – all with incredible momentum, power and strength.

The uncontrolled assaults of Iverson de Souza Araujo, a 30-year-old Brazilian known artistically as DJ Ivis, on his ex-wife Pamela Gomez de Hollanda, a 27-year-old architect and digital influencer.

Iverson and Pamela have been married for two years and recently divorced. They have a joint daughter, Mel, who is nine months old.

Aggression in front of the infant

The videos showing the violent and unrestrained assaults by Pamela herself last Sunday, July 11, were posted on her Instagram account. Ives did not deny the assaults on his ex-wife, instead admitting that she was the author of the attacks, but emphasized that the videos do not show the whole truth, “it is not complete” and that, he said, it was limited. To respond to threats by Pamela. Civil police in Ceará, where the violence allegedly took place, are already investigating the case.

After the videos that were recorded on different days by security cameras installed in different rooms of the influencer’s home in Ciara, she was attacked in the living room, bathroom and children’s room. In all the photos, there were other people who witnessed the actions, but no one stopped DJ Ivis’s actions.

Pictures in the living room show Pamela getting punched in the head as she tries to pick up the couple’s daughter, who was lying in the carry-on bed. The woman is pushed, kicked and her hair pulled several times. The maid, who later picks up the child, was an eyewitness.

Another time, still in the same living room, DJ standing on the couch jumps up and down, Pamela sits down, and is raped by several slaps and pulls on her hair. It seems that a man in shorts, present in the room, witnessing the aggression, tries to calm the DJ, but does not separate the spouses.