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DJ Magazino worked again.  'The disease is out of control'

DJ Magazino worked again. ‘The disease is out of control’

Theuís Costa, better known as DJ Magazino, used his official Instagram account to share an update on his health with the thousands of people who follow him.

The musician reveals that last week he received devastating news. And in the voice of the doctors who have accompanied him since 2019, he was diagnosed with leukemia, Magazino taught that “the disease is getting out of control.”.

“I have two doctors who help me most directly and they are Francesca and Joanna. In this roller coaster of leukemia, I’ve been caught in all phases, from bad to terrible, but they always laugh with me a lot,” by telling the artist in a script where he recalls the dialogue he had with Health professionals after recognizing their condition.

I cling to them and ask ‘I still have a 10% chance of surviving? If ‘this guy is crazy, he’s a stubborn idiot and hasn’t left the store we have many patients to try to save’, he jokes, without losing his sense of humor.

“I hold them in their arms and ask ‘Don’t give up, I haven’t given up yet.’ Honestly, I think they don’t believe anymore, but they can’t give up either! They burn eyelashes and multiply in contact lenses with other European hospitals with advanced research for cases like mine.” Magical there! A combination of chemotherapy to clean up the bone marrow once and for all,” he continued, stressing that it remains “sticking to life” and that neither the doctors nor their friends would ever give up on a potential cure.

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Finally, Magazino reveals that he will have a new surgery. “Now I’m going to the operating room, the third operation in two months, and it comes with another general anaesthetic, which is best in the next 24 hours.”

“I gave everything to be on stage on the 16th, steadily and with my body swaying
Don’t fool me now, life is a very good thing,” he finished, hoping to be able to perform at a Bloop Recordings event.

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