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DJ Pierce Fulton died.  I was 28 years old

DJ Pierce Fulton died. I was 28 years old

sEntertainment Tonight said Ircey Fulton, producer of electronic dance music, has passed away at the age of 28. The artist’s older brother, Griff, was the one who shared the tragic news in a statement posted on the musician’s Twitter account.

“It breaks my heart to share the death of Pierce Thursday morning after a tragic battle with his mental health.”, It starts with notification.

“Pierce was full of life, love and incredibly unimaginable creativity. He was generous, cautious, thoughtful, fun and kind. He was the most magical person we met,” he continues.

“The past year has been a very difficult time for everyone. If you or someone you know is having problems, please take your intuition seriously, talk about your feelings and ask for help. Each one of you is important and is loved more than he can imagine,” he continues. To alert

In the same statement, it was also revealed that the Pierce family decided to start an organization in memory of the DJ that “will focus on positive and lasting changes.”

The concrete cause of death has not been revealed.

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