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Do not waste any more time.  5 Portable Apps That Protect The Planet - Ecology

Do not waste any more time. 5 Portable Apps That Protect The Planet – Ecology

With sustainability on the agenda, it is more urgent than ever to draw attention to the need to conserve the planet. In recent years, thousands of mobile applications have been developed, some of which include games, encouraging people to live more environmentally-friendly lives and adopt more responsible and rational habits in their daily lives. Since you spend so much time on your phone, why not take advantage of those hours? These are five of the apps you should download quickly.

1. Recycle BinGo

It is probably the friendliest game on the planet. Every month, he presents a card he has to fill out. It’s tied to an ecological point, and whenever he takes garbage to that recycling station, he picks up the colored letters that fill it in. To achieve this, you must go there every day. The points you have collected can be converted into prizes or discount vouchers for use at Pingo Doce supermarkets, Decathlon and Lanidor stores, or in the Wook digital library.

2. How good

We are what we eat and the food we choose to buy not only affects the way we conduct our lives, but the process we do affects the environment. HowGood, the ideal tool for more conscientious citizens, is an app that allows you to scan barcodes in businesses to look for product information. In addition to knowing whether the article in question is beneficial to the environment, it also gets an idea of ​​its potential effects on your health.

3. Recycle

Reduce, reuse, and recycle with iRecycle. This mobile app, with thousands of users, warns you of how, where and when to recycle with your site. In addition, it is also an educational platform that informs those who use it regularly what can be recycled and what cannot be recycled. It is very useful, especially for articles that have specific requirements, such as electronic devices, that should not be left unintentionally in any trash.

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4. Zero carbon

Feel the benefit and affordable when you download this app that works almost like a fitness bracelet. Just, instead of calculating your exercise and calorie intake, it records whether your tasks have an impact on your total carbon footprint. As thousands of people around the world look to reduce their environmental footprint, it is important to have a clearer sense of the impacts our choices can have on the planet’s sustainability.

5. JouleBug

Working for a more sustainable lifestyle can be more fun with this game, JouleBug. When you do something that proves beneficial to the sustainability of the environment around you, the app rewards you with pins and points. If you remember to use your coffee cup instead of the paper cup, for example, you will be rewarded! This mobile app also allows you to calculate how much you save each year using these exchanges. On average, this value easily reaches 200 euros.