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Fuel will go up again (strongly) next week

Do you have a diesel car and need to fill up? Wait for Monday

Fuel prices will fall again from Monday, although this time only in the price of diesel: at the main NOCs, “the development of quotations in euros indicates a decrease in prices of up to two cents per liter in diesel, while a source in the sector told Moltennews. Gasoline 95 will maintain the price recorded last week.

This trend is also repeated at privately-branded service stations – which usually operate next to supermarkets – with a “sharp drop of €0.0187 per liter for diesel, while gasoline 95 will register the same trend, albeit slightly, at €0.0025,” he said. Another source.

So, after all, filling a tank with 60 liters of diesel costs 1.2 euros less. In the gasoline version, there is no change in the time of going to the service station.

Both diesel and gasoline 95 registered four consecutive weeks of decline, according to official data from the DGEG (Directorate General of Energy and Geology). It is reported that diesel last week held a higher value than gasoline 95 (1727 euros / liter compared to 1695), a difference that will fade this week.

Also according to DGEG data, the average price of simple diesel on Thursday was 1.752 euros per liter and the average price of simple gasoline 95 was 1.693 euros per liter, on a downward trend. Average prices refer to data provided by more than 2,400 stations across the country and include discounted fares.

This update of fuel prices takes into account the value of a barrel of Brent crude in international markets. For several weeks, a barrel of oil has been trading at a low level. After the peak that reached in the first moments of the war in Ukraine, when oil reached a value of 140 dollars per barrel, which made fuel prices rise to record levels, the price of this “black gold” is currently falling.

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