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Fuel will go up again (strongly) next week

Do you have a diesel car? Don’t wait for Monday to be full

There is good and bad news for Portuguese drivers. Fuel prices will go in opposite directions next week: According to an industry source contacted by Multinews, at the major NOCs, “The trend will be for the price of gasoline to fall by as much as 4 cents a liter. Conversely, the cost of diesel should be 6 cents.”

Another source said private-brand service stations – which usually operate next to supermarkets – are following the trend and reporting “a decrease of €0.0418 in petrol and an increase of €0.0514 in diesel”.

It remains to be seen what the Ministry of Finance will calculate with respect to the weekly mechanism that adjusts the value of an ISP. The data is usually reported at the end of the day.

DGEG shows that since the beginning of the year, the price of gasoline has risen 19 times and fallen only five times. As far as diesels are concerned, there have been 17 ups and six downs since January. During this period, the price of diesel increased by 50 cents a liter while the price of gasoline increased by 54 cents.

This means that filling a 60-liter tank with diesel costs €32 more than it did in January. To fill the gas tank, it takes 30 euros more than in the first week of the year.

Next Monday, taking into account the announced increase, the certification bill for a 60-liter tank of diesel will be about four More expensive in euros. To fill the gas tank, you will spend 2.5 euros less.

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Data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) show that the average price of a simple diesel liter in Portugal currently costs 2,040 euros per liter, while the price of a simple petrol 95 is 2,169 euros. The latest fuel bulletin from the European Commission indicates that Portugal has the sixth most expensive gasoline 95 out of 27 EU countries. Diesel occupies fifteenth place in the European ranking.