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Do you have a diesel car?  Take advantage and stock up this week

Do you have a diesel car? Take advantage and stock up this week

The price of diesel will rise starting Monday, while the liter of petrol will remain practically unchanged

A source in the market told CNN Portugal that the price of diesel should rise at a rate of seven cents per liter, starting next Monday, and that the price of gasoline should decrease by about half a cent per liter, based on the price of oil and refined products in international markets.

If these price changes are realized taking into account the average selling price that was in force on Thursday, a liter of diesel will be sold in the next week at an average of 1.624 euros and for petrol 1.581 euros.

In any case, the prices are lower than those that were practiced before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and in the case of gasoline, the value is even lower than those that were practiced at the beginning of the year.

This decrease is due to a decrease in the prices of raw materials in the international markets, but also due to the financial measures taken by the government.

Currently, there are three measures in force that allow a reduction in the selling price of fuel to the public: a reduction in the tax on petroleum products (ISP) equivalent to a reduction in value-added tax from 23% to 13%; suspending a carbon tax on fuel, which the government says has a five-cent impact on the price of a liter; and a mechanism that allows consumers to compensate for the value-added tax imposed by the state in excess when there is a rise in the price of fuel in international markets.

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According to data from the Ministry of Finance, these measures translate into a reduction in the tax burden equivalent to 27.3 cents per liter of diesel and 24.7 cents per liter of petrol.

Since the middle of the year, the government has decided that changes in the value of the ISP will be made on a monthly basis only, so the tax burden currently in effect will remain until the end of the year.