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Do you have half a million euros?  Then this “Made in Russia” iPhone is for you

Do you have half a million euros? Then this “Made in Russia” iPhone is for you

Yes, the most expensive iPhone in history was not made by Apple, and it is not inherently American. It actually comes from Russia and costs a modest sum of half a million euros. You’ll see he was “killing” you!

In the mobile phone industry, the iPhone is an expensive option. It is also superior in terms of many of its features and in a combination that is recognized as one of the best on the market. This has a price. Of course, its cost is nothing compared to what caviar, a company specializing in customizing technology accessories to make them luxury. Among them is the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

This is not the first time we are talking about this brand, which has already announced that it will launch a gold Apple Vision Pro for 40,000 euros, or a case for the iPhone 11 for 8,000 euros. Now they have taken another step forward. Taking advantage of the launch of new iPhones, they launched a version for more than half a million euros.

iPhone for half a million euros

that it iPhone 15 Pro Max encrusted with diamonds and 18-carat white gold, priced at €519,530. More specifically, it is made of 570 diamonds taken from a necklace by Graff, one of the most exclusive and well-known jewelery companies in the UK. The price of the necklace itself is 70 thousand euros.

It is a limited edition and there are only three units worldwide. It is served, as they say, by caviar, intended for this type of specialization. The company's origins are in Russia, although it recently opened a branch in Dubai, from which it manages all new orders.

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The fact is that the cell phone is well designed, although it does not look very comfortable. The diamonds are located on the back of the phone, so it stays in the user's hand. Moreover, there is a concentration of them in the center of the iPhone, which makes it very uncomfortable. However, if someone is convinced and has the money to pay for it, they can buy it directly from them The company's website.