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Do you know what Wi-Fi means? The answer may surprise you

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a The word Wi-Fi is one of those terms that are present in our daily lives, but have you ever wondered what it means? You might think that the term originated from some artistic expression or word, but, as the “This is so cool” page points out on one of its pages Latest videos On TikTok, the truth is that the word is not related to any technical aspect.

Obviously, the term Wi-Fi just means “wireless fidelity” and originates from the term Hi-Fi used in high-resolution audio equipment. This term was created in 1999 by the marketing company Interbrand, which explains that it was necessary to find a more “catchy” name considering that the technical term is IEEE 802.1.

“The name should be memorable – something universal that you can find in your home, office, café or public place and something that can help consumers understand the concept intuitively.”“, writes Interbrand in Official website. “The name reflects that even without cables, Wi-Fi provides high-quality connectivity wherever you are.”.

The explanation given by this TikTok video seems to have surprised netizens, who explained their surprise in the comments. “I've always thought so [Wi-Fi] It means wireless fiber internet“, writes one netizen.

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