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Do you know which router you have at home?  6 Tips to Increase (Without Complications) Internet Speed ​​- Marketer

Do you know which router you have at home? 6 Tips to Increase (Without Complications) Internet Speed ​​- Marketer

To get faster internet, you don’t have to be a computer expert. It also does not require large investments. At least that’s what Selectra, which specializes in comparing energy and communications prices, included when creating a guide with six tips for improving your internet speed at home.

“Those who use the Internet on a daily basis understand how frustrating it can be to have browsing problems and even the consequences that can arise from this in a professional context,” Selectra notes. It’s just that, although it is normal that the Internet speed is not always the same, it is important to be aware of potential problems that may be related to the equipment or communication packages.

But before moving on to changing the launcher, it is worth considering these four tips and ruling out problems that can be solved at home first.

1 – Manage your internet consumption in a controlled manner

Are you one of those people who always have dozens of web pages open at the same time? So it’s time to start searching as needed. That is, to avoid consumption overload, it is better to perform one task at a time than to pile dozens of unread search sites.

The same is true for downloads, as it is best to leave them for some other time than when you need your computer for work purposes.

2 – Make sure your router is one of the latest

If the router you’ve had in your home has been the same for several years or you recently changed your internet speed, it’s important to make sure you don’t need to replace the router either. To do this, you must contact your operator so that they can inform you of the situation.

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3 – Pay attention to where you put the router

In a high, central and unobstructed location. This is how the device should be positioned so that nothing interferes with its connection and it can perform its function 100%. If you also have an antenna, make sure it is in an upright position.

4 – Consider the need for an amplifier

Do you have a big house? Then make sure the router has enough power to cover the entire area. If you notice that some places cannot reach a good signal, it is better to use an amplifier to expand the coverage area and thus improve your browsing experience.

5 – Switch to 5GHz

First of all, check if your router has 2.4GHz and 5GHz options for Wi-Fi connection. If you have access to these two, choose 5GHz as it can go up to 287Mbps, as opposed to the first option which ranges from 50-60Mbps.

6 – Choose one of the channels less saturated

European routers use 13 channels operating between 2401 and 2483MHz. However, the probability that you will use the same as your neighbor is very high. So, if you want to increase the internet speed in your home, one of the tricks that you can use is to analyze the status of the channels around you, through apps like Wifi Analyzer, and switch to the channel that is most recommended.