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Do you like being alone? Science thinks this is a sign of intelligence – small business big business

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It’s normal to think that people who are more social are happier, after all, being surrounded by friends, having good professional relationships and spending quality time with those we love tends to lift our spirits, right? However, the scenario seems to be different for the more intelligent people. In this case, socializing with friends does not increase the level of life satisfaction for them.

According to the site inc. The study was published in the British Journal of Psychology.

For scientists, one explanation for this difference may be the result of has evolved: Perhaps more intelligent people have adapted more easily to the modern world where it is no longer necessary to be part of a group in exchange for food, shelter, and protection.

Another theory involves side Ambition. The smarter a person is, the more focused they are on their long-term goals, so socializing with friends can be seen as a distraction — because when you’re out and about, you’re not productive.

This is just one study conducted on a limited number of people. But if you want to spend time alone, dedicate yourself to a project or learn something new, or distance yourself from potential distractions, and end up being labeled antisocial by the audience, you now have a new answer: probably more smarter than you. People. But use the excuse in moderation so it doesn’t look boring!

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