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Do you like Georgina Rodriguez or not?  Elma Aveiro explains

Do you like Georgina Rodriguez or not? Elma Aveiro explains

After, during the night of Wednesday, November 9, the questions of followers were answered through his account on Instagram, Elma Aveiro Adel Stories From the social network to leave a Clarification🇧🇷

Elma Aveiro talks about plastic surgery and assumes: “I take great care of my skin”

At stake are the comments on a portion of the interview that the businesswoman gave to Manuel Luis JoshaLast Tuesday, the eighth. In one of the chat’s promotions, there was a question from the contact about The relationship between Elma and her brother’s friend🇧🇷 Georgina Rodriguez🇧🇷 However, Supposedly, that moment was taken awayis not displayed.

Not hearing this answer, many of her followers rebelled against the situation, and out of anger, the businesswoman ended up giving an explanation, leaving an answer about her relationship with her sister-in-law.

🇧🇷They are all worried about whether I like Jiu or not. Why don’t I like it? I love everyone, even those who don’t love me‘, he began by saying.

Then Elma also criticized those who spoke. 🇧🇷Bunch of unemployed, shut up now, it’s really disgustingAdded in the title of the post.

Instagram clone, dr.

In a statement to the family, Georgina Rodriguez presents a new photo of baby Bella Esmeralda

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