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Do you live in a condominium?  Find out what new rules you must abide by from Monday

Do you live in a condominium? Find out what new rules you must abide by from Monday

New rules for the operation of condominiums come into force next Monday, which you should be aware of, in order to avoid non-compliance in certain situations, working on the development of “Expresso”.

At stake are the “ramifications”, but also the “benefits” introduced by Law No. in the condominium”, says Vitor Amaral, President of APEGAC – the Portuguese Association of Management and Administration Companies.

Find out now what will change:

1. Owners who wish to Submit the fraction is now required to submit an advertisement Issued by the condominium manager, with the amount and nature of fees, amounts, terms of payment and debts.

2. In addition, the Outstanding debt At a later date for the transfer of the part which constitutes a condominium shipment, regardless of its nature, becomes a liability Responsibility of the new owner.

3. It becomes so It is mandatory for co-owners to provide the administrator with their personal datasuch as name, tax identification number and address, and are obligated to notify you, within 15 days, of their part transfer.

4. Another of the rules states that Funds from the reserve pool can be used for another purpose In addition to carrying out maintenance work, although it must be replaced within 12 months.

5. It becomes possible Holding condominium gatherings via remote communication, is no longer just an exception due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, the owners can still be called via email.

6. With the new changes, condominium associations To discuss and approve the accounts and the budget, it is now possible, exceptionally, to In the first quarter of every year Not in the first half of January.

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