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Do you need a certificate?  I am waiting.  Fuel prices will fall (and in a good way)

Do you need a certificate? I am waiting. Fuel prices will fall (and in a good way)

sIf you need to fill up your car, it is best to wait until Monday, when fuel prices are expected to drop. The reduction should occur in the case of diesel and petrol.

A source in the sector said that expectations indicate a decrease of four cents in the case of diesel and six cents in the case of gasoline. News by the minute.

These forecasts come at a time when the average price of simple diesel is 1,780 euros per liter, while the price of simple 95 gasoline is, on average, 1,852 euros per liter, according to data from the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG).

Average gasoline and diesel prices followed the behavior of global markets and recorded increases of 7.8% and 9.7%, respectively, in August compared to the previous month, the European Securities Institute announced at the end of last week.

“The regions of Castelo Branco, Braga and Portalegre recorded the lowest diesel and gasoline prices in mainland Portugal. Baja, Bragança, Guarda and Faro offered the highest prices,” can be read in the report of the regulatory body.

Also according to ERSE, “supermarkets maintain the most competitive offers in road fuels, followed by operators in the low-cost segment.”

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