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Do you need to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home?  This network helps you

Do you need to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home? This network helps you

TLike traditional Wi-Fi too. A mesh network connects to a router to distribute the Internet throughout the house. The big difference between these two technologies is that while Wi-Fi distributes the internet from only one device, A mesh network consists of two other devices, as well as the router, according to ComparaJá.pt. They are installed in other parts of the house, Thus providing that network connectivity expands across all departments.

However, it is important not to confuse mesh network technology with a Wi-Fi repeater or extender.

According to the platform, a Wi-Fi repeater is used to increase the internet signal produced by the router, covering more parts of the house. Conversely, The purpose of the mesh is the same, however, the technology used varies.

“This network is even capable of covering an entire city and the explanation lies in the fact that the devices act as routers,” notes ComparaJá.pt. This means that in addition to capturing and amplifying the signal from the main router, it also distributes the Wi-Fi signal without losing power.

What are the advantages of a mesh network?

The main advantage of a mesh network is Internet coverage dimensions you allow. This technology provides more stability in the connection and enables good speed in all connected devices, allowing up to 100 devices to be connected to the same network.

Another advantage is that this network is different from other routers using beam technology. In other words, unlike common routers, network technology It allows the signal to be transmitted in the direction where there are more devices connected. In this way, the network is distributed according to the needs of the user.

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What is the cost of purchasing this technology?

Great The disadvantage of this technology may lie in its price.Depending on the type of equipment you choose for your home, stresses the platform.

In Portugal, Google was the first company to provide this type of equipment. According to ComparaJá.pt, you can buy the Google Wi-Fi Home Mesh Router separately for €139.99 or €359.99, if you choose the three-device package.

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