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Do you want the god vayan in your garage?  So pray, because there are only 99 of these trams

Do you want the god vayan in your garage? So pray, because there are only 99 of these trams

Deus Automobiles is a little-known Austrian startup company to this day. However, this blessed brand offers us a car with characteristics that shame the Christian. It is a 2,200 hp electric supercar, with a top speed of more than 400 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 1.99 seconds.

Designed by Deus Vayanne in association with Italdesign and with Williams Advanced Engineering, a division of the Formula 1 team.

Allah Fayan: King among the super electric cars

Introduced at the New York International Auto Show, Deus Vayanne is a sports car that primarily draws attention to its power numbers. In addition to 2,200 hp, its torque is 2,000 Nm.

Its design draws attention and raises many questions. Skepticism explained the philosophy of being a practical car. Therefore, the Vayanne would have 12 cm of ground clearance to be able to overcome traditional roads, with potholes and poor pavement. The problems that supercars often encounter today.

The front and back grilles are designed as a kind of infinity symbol. In general, the car is full of curved and mysterious geometric shapes.

Inside, the items are genuine leather. It's not vegan leather, but the manufacturer guarantees that 100% of the materials used are sustainable and designed with the intention of being a zero-emissions car.

For navigation, Deus includes a Halo Infinity mirror. HUD display (Head-Up Display) extends from the doors to the dashboard and changes its effect according to the viewing angle. In terms of sound, the cabin has a system developed to provide a unique and configurable casing.

99 units and not one more!

Anyone who wants to drive by God, unless they are not, can now book for you on the God Vayanne website. According to the manufacturer, the first deliveries are scheduled for 2025, although its production is limited to 99 units.

On this question who does not want to silence the price, at the moment is unknown. But it will be expensive, no doubt about it. Due to their technical characteristics and limited production, we can find cars with these characteristics at prices close to 3 million euros. So...if you want to dream a little with God of course Visit the manufacturer's website.

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