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Do you want your Xiaomi smartphone to start faster?  Follow these steps

Do you want your Xiaomi smartphone to start faster? Follow these steps

Just like personal computers, smartphones also operate their operating system through a set of steps. This is a well-known process that can be indirectly improved to become more efficient. Today we show you a simple way to make your Xiaomi smartphone run faster.

Smartphone management is an area that users can explore and thus achieve more equipment. All options are present and accessible, although some require a few steps to use and thus change the way they work.

One step that not everyone knows about is starting the smartphone, which can be improved and made more efficient. The result is a faster time until it is ready, while also ensuring that some important resources are freed up to be used afterwards.

To perform this process on your Xiaomi smartphone, you must first open the Settings application. At home, they must look for a second option to move forward. We're talking about entering 'Permissions', which would be the logical path for users to follow.

After that, keeping the navigation in the Settings application on your Xiaomi smartphone, you should look for the entry “Auto start in background”. Inside this area you will find a list of applications, which may or may not be active, with the first being the longest.

These are applications that are configured to run when the Xiaomi smartphone is turned on or restarted by the user. Naturally, the more applications there are, the longer it will take to perform this step. So, they just have to choose which one is the most important.

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This is a simple way that enables users to control which applications are running and how. If it is not in the list, it can be opened later without any damage. At the same time, some resources are freed up for the Xiaomi smartphone to take advantage of and use to improve other areas.