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Doctor in 'Dois à 10', João Espírito Santo, Can't Stand the Upset When He Remembers An Accident That Almost Killed Him - Celebrities

Doctor in ‘Dois à 10’, João Espírito Santo, Can’t Stand the Upset When He Remembers An Accident That Almost Killed Him – Celebrities

Not the end of 2019, Joao Espirito Santo was involved in a traffic accident that almost cost him his life. The dentist, best known for his Senhor Doutor feature on TVI’s A Tarde é Sua, as well as for his collaboration on Dois à 10, was in a coma for 13 days and underwent 10 surgeries. He woke up the day his 8-year-old son celebrated.

joao Holy SpiritThis was Tuesday, October 26th on the show By Claudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Muniz He recalled the serious road accident he had suffered two years ago.

The accident left the doctor between life and death. “It was Saturday, I left home, went to the clinic for surgery, then took my son to soccer, and then went to see some of my co-workers. When I left I had an accident that effectively changed my life.‘, the dentist described. Joao Espirito Santo always considered himself a careful driver and did not anticipate the accident. For those who walk the road, what I have to say is that we are never safe. At present, it has adopted the intelligent driving system, because we are not ready to crash. My car got into the center splitter, flipped over, and what happened to me happened to me one day because I always thought there was a little guardian angel“, I took on the.

“I remember the worst thing when I heard someone say ‘he’s dead’ and I want to put my feet upside down to say I’m alive. I couldn’t speak.” João Espírito Santo remembers waking up in the hospital with his father by his side: “After 13 days I came out of a coma and told my wife: ‘Pay the bill and let’s go.'” On my son Joao’s birthday,” he explained emotionally.

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not final, João Espírito Santo collapsed with emotion and couldn’t contain his tears By the message that he was surprised by his three sons and his wife.

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