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Does iPhone 14 Pro Troubleshooting Work?  Watch the video

Does iPhone 14 Pro Troubleshooting Work? Watch the video

The iPhone 14 Pro hit the market last week. The new smartphone from Apple has arrived with quite a few new features, the most notable of which is accident detection (crash detection). This feature is intended to help users if they find themselves in a road accident situation.

This is because the smartphone is able to detect the situation, and immediately ask the user if he wants to contact emergency services. In the first reviews it is expected that the functionality will be mentioned, but the first brave person to test it must appear.

Troubleshooting has already been tested by YouTube users and it works (no surprises) as expected

Well, the first brave one was YouTuber TechRax. This put the iPhone 14 Pro inside the car, and the GoPro in the back to capture the moment. Using an electric skateboard to help, he was able to move the car remotely, so that it collided with another corpse.

Everything was done in an open field, in a seemingly safe environment. On the second try, the car crashed into a pile of cars, and it was no surprise that the feature was activated a few seconds later.

The user receives a message that reads “You appear to have been involved in an accident”. If the user does not confirm, the smartphone will start a 10 second countdown, after which it will automatically call emergency services. If the user does not need help, he can simply cancel the action.

After the second attempt, the function was activated again without any problems. It turned out to be a test made for “science”, but it shows that this will be a help in difficult situations for those who buy the iPhone 14 Pro. However, it is a feature that no one will want to test under real conditions.

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