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DOFUS 2.64 : Leak de la date de sortie en beta

DOFUS 2.64: Beta release date leaked

When focusing on Temporis 7 TophasThe Update 2.64 Goes to game servers! The Little Disorder Patch will be released later this month, beta coming soon!

DOFUS: Release Date And beta Update from 2.64 Leakage

With a feature presentation on Temporis 7, the Dofus team announced the release date for the next update: 2.64. If its content is reduced, it will arrive a day earlier than the temporary servers June 29, 2022. However, the beta date is missing until tonight.

In fact, at 6pm, the game’s English forums were inadvertently exposed by an emergency release. The object disappeared immediately, but did not prevent the players and their tools from mentioning all the details.

So, thanks to DofusTracker (pat monitoring of Angama sites updates) we learned that Dofus 2.64 is in beta. Wednesday, June 15, In a week. 80% of the content of the patch is already known. Mystery will only be on the side of the class balance, except for the transformation of temporary contradictions and legendary pets. Don’t worry, the team, especially Logan, has pointed out its willingness to crush the rugged water-return route. Compared to the role of active players, the team wants to get maximum feedback during the most desolate test phases.

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