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Dogs Can Smell Your Sadness And Science Explains How

Have you ever stopped to think about the ability of dogs to feel the feelings and emotions of their owners?

Amazingly, science has already studied this phenomenon and has a great answer. The truth is that these animals can going How do people feel.

So when you are very happy, your dog will know, and therefore will be happy too.

Do you care?

It is very common when the owner is happy for the dog to show great enthusiasm with tail barking and hopping with pleasure and joy.

Dogs can smell your sadness and science explains how. (Photo: Pexes)

Like happiness, when you feel very sad, your dog will also feel sadness and moments of silence.

What does science say about dogs that smell sadness?

This type of ability in dogs is incredibly related to the sense of smell in dogs.

A scientific survey conducted by a team of University of NaplesIn Italy, he proved that dogs can not only interpret sadness, but also feel it.

These animals can actually interpret visual and auditory cues from their owners regarding grief.

Thus, by smell Dogs can feel human emotions And adopt it as your own, and show it the symptoms of sadness.

In short, whether you’re feeling sad or happy, your dog will too.

The superior sense of smell in dogs to sense feelings

Numerous scientific studies have already established the role of the olfactory system in dogs in focusing and feeling human emotions.

Although a lot of people don’t really realize it dogs skillThe superior sense of smell of these animals continues to surprise the scientific community.

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Dogs smell sadness

Dogs can efficiently sniff out their owners’ emotional states and other meanings.

This social information that dogs obtain can be easily identified through the animal’s behavior patterns.

Because they already have elevated senses due to animal instinctDogs can smell their owners’ grief and share that feeling.

A good example of this is the ability of dogs to feel grief when lying next to the graves of their deceased owners.

Is it true that dogs understand facial expressions?

Did you know that dogs have the ability to sense their owner’s body odor, as well as facial expressions?

A scientific survey published by Learning and Behavior magazine In 2018, dogs were shown to respond to human faces that express six basic types of emotions, namely:

  • disgusted;
  • Surprise;
  • Sadnes
  • happiness;
  • afraid;
  • anger.

They can sense these changes in the face in humans by feeling their heart rate and the change in their eyesight. Isn’t that amazing?

Dogs smell sadness

a The sensory power of dogs They are so exceptional that they can affect the emotional contagion of their owners and among other animals.

On the other hand, it is important to know that dogs also have an amazing ability to read facial and body expressions as well.

Do you often draw your dog’s faces?

Do you often make facial expressions to communicate with your dog? Did you know that this type of behavior is easily recognizable by them?

While some scientific research proves that dogs actually focus more on body expressions Of emotions, be careful.

It is important that you pay attention to your facial expressions when talking to them.

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As you saw earlier, dogs can actually smell sadness and other types of human emotions.

Dogs smell sadness

Their sensory power is so great that they might feel sad or happy if their owners also experienced these kinds of emotions.

Science has already proven through data and studies that dogs understand face features Humans in a similar way to humans.

This is a great wake-up call for you to begin to better respect the way you talk to your pets.

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Are puppies sensitive to the hormonal changes of their owners?

What many people don’t know is that dogs are very sensitive to the hormonal changes of their owners.

In many cases they can even Feel if the woman is pregnant. This ability in dogs is surprisingly amazing and even today science studies certain cases.

These animals have the ability to understand grief, and this ability can be easily seen when they begin to howl when a loved one dies.

Dogs smell sadness

It is very easy to recognize dogs’ body language as it relates to sadness and other types of human emotions, such as:

  • ears
  • whine.
  • dangling ears
  • tail wagging;
  • Pay attention when listening.
  • head tilt

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You must have seen the case of dogs that sat next to the grave of a deceased owner.

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The truth is that many dogs mourn their death family members And they really feel sorry for their dead owners.

What you need to understand is that dogs are actually incredibly sensitive to human emotions.

Would you like to learn more about how to do it Dogs can smell sadness Who is the angel? So don’t waste any more time and share with your friends and family these excellent tips to get to know the feelings of dogs better.