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Dolores Aveiro reveals in an interview what she thinks of Georgina Rodriguez

Dolores Aveiro reveals in an interview what she thinks of Georgina Rodriguez

a Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom’s participation in the ADN de Leão podcast was marked by big revelations but also moments of laughter.

Dolores Aveiro commented on the statue made in honor of her son from Madeira Airport, now called Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, and she had no doubts: “It was poorly made, and it has nothing to do with Ronaldo.”

One of the funniest moments in this interview was when Donna Dolores admitted that, although she lives comfortably financially now, she doesn’t consider herself a prodigal woman.

If there are upgrades I will. I go to promotions, we have to appreciate thingsGuaranteed.

Georgina Rodriguez’s opinion

When asked if she liked her son’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, CR7’s mother replied, “Yes, yes. She’s a good little girl.”

Later, Dolores ended up praising the support the model gives her son.

His girlfriend gives him a lot of support, and this is very important. It gives you a lot of support’,” he says, explaining that it is not easy for his son to focus on the demands of his work and take care of his four children: Christianino, Alana Martina, and twins Eva and Matteo.

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